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WARNING! This is a very self indulgent blog. Look away, it’s going to be incredibly nerdy.
Today I read a blog from a man who has kept track of every roller derby bout that he has ever refereed. Since I have been playing derby for 100 years, I think I need to keep track also, and here is where I must do it.

Inaugural Season (Roustabout rollers)

1. Spring Breakin’ Bones (vs. BCB 150, RR 137)loss
2. Everything’s Coming up Bruises (vs. BCB 181, RR 132)loss
3. Last Chance to Shove (vs. BCB 160, RR 96) loss

Season 2 (2006-2007)
Home Bouts (Roustabout Rollers)

4. Patriot Dames (vs. BCB 82, RR 65) loss
5. Night of the Living Derb (vs. ER 73, RR 103) win
6. Skate Battle, and Brawl (vs. BCB 105, RR 76) loss
7. Get Down and Derby (vs. ER 32, RR 50) win
8. Get Down and Derby (vs. BCB 84, RR 30) loss

Travel Team Bouts
9. GRRG vs. DDG -loss
10. GRRG vs. FWDG -win

Season 3 (2007-2008)
Home bouts (Roustabout Rollers)

11. The Bruises are Back (vs. ER 81. RR 70) loss
12. Black n- Blue Friday (vs. BCB 108, RR 53)
13. D-Cup (vs. BCB played with ER)loss

Travel Team
14. GRRG vs. Sin City -win
15. GRRG vs. OHRG -win

Season 4

16. G-Rap vs. K-zoo-win
17. G-Rap vs. Team Unicorn (fall Brawl-loss)
18. G-Rap vs. Gang Green (fall brawl-loss)
19. G-Rap vs. Flying Squirrel -win
20. G-Rap vs, Paper Valley -loss


21. GRRG vs. Cincy (ECE-loss)
22. GRRG vs. OHRG (ECE -win)
23. GRRG vs. Boston (Regionals -loss)
24. GRRG vs. Providence (Regionals -win)
25. GRRG vs. Cincinatti (Regionals -loss)
26. GRRG vs. Madison (Regionals -loss)

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  1. Tricia says:

    Your derby life is my derby life, so I enjoyed reading this, although it brought up some bittersweet memories of the old RR/BCB days. Ouch. We got ours handed to us, huh?

    No matter, there’s no better women I could have played and lost and won with than you ladies!

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